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Stage 9 Interlopers (hard-to-find Star Trek home video)

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Гость ТомПерис

A few years back we were searching the internet for Star Trek: TNG related videos and ran across an interesting set of youtube shorts that featured two buffoons traipsing through stage 9 on the paramount lot. Called "Stage 9 Interlopers", the 4 part series showed an after hours break-in with one of the balding goofballs actually donning a one piece Starfleet uniform and giving a tour of the set. I've been trying to find these videos for years now to no avail. Youtube pulled them shortly after I discovered the set and I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy since. Traveling from the transporter room to engineering and then on to sickbay the two "interlopers" talked about stealing parts of the set and at one point tried to mount a sickbay bed damaging it & causing the bed to topple over. Some of the best parts of the video series showed the special effects dummy used in "Conspiracy". You know the one where Picard and Riker phaser Lt. Cmdr Remmick's head until it explodes...
There's a lot of talk on the net about the "Interlopers" video and it turns out that one of the culprits have been identified. Called Captain Stone in the video (the same balding guy wearing the Starfleet uniform) verbally berates his counterpart about getting good shots and constantly asks; "Does my hair look okay?". The video set is pretty hilarious and ends with the two boobs dropping their camera and getting ran off by Paramount security. It's definitely worth seeing for the sheer comedy value, but the videos also gives us a fantastic behind the scenes look at the TNG set during series hiatus between season 1 & 2
Скачать можно отсюда: http://www.demonoid.ph/files/details/3026962/17247610/
Думаю фанатам звездного пути данный раритет будет очень и очень интересен так как это очень редкая документалка,которую до настоящего времени было практически нереально найти в сети. Наслаждайтесь!:)

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